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Dress Rehearsal Information

Dress Rehearsal 2019

On Tuesday, June 4th we have our dress rehearsal for our non-competition dancers in order to prepare for our recital .   We will be splitting the classes into two (2) separate dress rehearsal times on that evening.  The times and classes will be listed below.  This dress rehearsal is for recreational dancers only.  This is a FULL dress rehearsal, meaning dancers should have hair, makeup and costumes done the same as they will for the actual recital performance.  Even if your dancer has been in previous recitals, it is still important to have the hair and makeup complete as well as the costumes.  Sometimes, especially the younger dancers just "feel different" with makeup on and the hair may be a different style than they are used to so it may hinder their performance.

Parents are welcome to take photos and videos at dress rehearsal but there is NO VIDEO RECORDING AT RECITALS.  You will have the option to purchase a DVD of the show.

The dress rehearsal will be at Central Middle School Auditorium at 4857 Bloom Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110.  This is also where the recital will be held. 

Dress Rehearsal Assignments

DRESS REHEARSAL "A"  5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

      Mon Tiny Tots
      Thurs Tiny Tots
      Mon Preschool
      Tues Preschool
      Thurs Preschool
      Sat Preschool
      Tues K-1 T/J
      Thurs K-1 T/J
      K-1 Hip Hop
      Gr. 2-3 T/J
      Gr. 2-3 Ballet
      Grade 2-3 Hip Hop

DRESS REHEARSAL "B"   7:15 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

      Gr 4-6 T/J
      Gr 4-6 Lyrical
      Gr 4-6 Hip Hop
      Gr 7-12 T/J
      Gr 7-12 Lyrical
      Teen Hip Hop
      Intermediate Pointe
      Dancing Dads



Below are listed the song orders for both Dress Rehearsal "A" and "B".  This is important if your dancer is in more than one (1) class so they know which costume is first.  This is NOT the actual Show Order, it is only for dress rehearsal purposes.

Dress Rehearsal Song Orders

"A" Tues, June 4th 5:00-7:00 pm

Mon Tiny Tots
Thurs Tiny Tots
Mini's  ~ "Big Girls" (tap)
Gr. 2-3 t/j ~ "Happy" (tap)
Thurs K-1 t/j ~ "Rock Around the Clock" (tap)
Sat P.S.  ~ "Walking on Sunshine"  (tap)
Thurs P.S.  ~ "Dig a Little Deeper"  (tap)
Rising  ~ "Tarzan" (jazz)
Gr. 2-3 lyrical ~ "Wonderful World" 
Tues. K-1 t/j ~ "Boogie Shoes"  (tap)
Mini's ~ "Diva's in training Wheels" (jazz)
K-1 hh ~ "That Power"
Tues P.S. ~ "Dig a Little Deeper"  (tap)
Mon P.S. ~ "Walking on Sunshine"  (tap)
Rising ~ "My Kinda Girl"  (ballet)
Gr. 2-3 t/j ~ "A Cool Cat in Town"  (jazz)
Sat. P.S. ~ "I'll Follow the Sun"  (ballet)
Thurs K-1 t/j ~ "Get Back Up Again"  (jazz)
Thurs P.S. ~ "Doodlin Song"  (ballet)
Gr. 2-3 hh ~ "Switch"
Tues. P.S. ~ "Doodlin Song"  (ballet)
Mon P.S. ~ "I'll Follow the Sun"  (ballet)
Tues. K-1 t/j ~ "Miracles Happen"  (jazz)
Rising ~ "Keep Your Eye on the Ball"  (tap)

"B" Tues, June 4th 7:15-8:15 pm

Gr. 7-12 t/j ~ "There's Nothing Holding Me Back"  (tap)
Gr. 4-6 t/j ~ "Let's Get Loud"  (tap)
Teen hh ~ "Lemon"
Gr. 4-6 hh ~ "Do It"
Gr. 7-12 t/j ~ "Woman Up"  (jazz)
Gr. 4-6 t/j ~ "I Spy You"  (jazz)
Gr. 7-12 lyr ~ "Rescue"
Gr. 4-6 lyr ~ "A Million Dreams"
Pointe ~ "Titanium"