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Meet our talented staff at 4th Street Dance Centre!  

We are thrilled to offer you a team of instructors that are professional and at the top of their careers. Their vast experience is evidenced on the faces of all our dancers and the joy they bring to the studio!

We are committed to the love of dance and sharing that joy with our dance family. Our staff works with all levels of dancers to help them achieve their individual and group goals.

We are so proud of the success demonstrated at competitions and at our end of the year recital.

Our instructors offer an open door policy to talk to students and parents throughout the season. Please feel free to stop in and say hello between class sessions.  

Maggie, Olivia, Taylor and Abby at Nationals 2017

Ashlee Koerner with Ellie Maranda at Competition

Stephanie Wickland with Cally Mack celebrating her winning Grand Champion at Natioinals 2017