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Every year we have our annual Curtain Call Recital in the Spring and we have added a small Holiday Show for the younger dancers in December.  These shows are optional, however most of our dancers participate.  This is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to showcase to both family and friends what they have accomplished throughout their experience in our program.  Parents will receive more information regarding the Holiday show during October and information regarding the Spring recitals during November. 



WHERE:    Central Middle School
                4857 Bloom Avenue
                White Bear Lake, MN 55110

WHEN:    Dress Rehearsal =  Tues, June 5th  

              Show #1 = Thurs, June 7th @ 6:30 pm
              Show #2 = Sat, June 9th @ 11:00 am
              Showcase #1 Sun, June 10th @ 1:00 pm
                               (competition performers)
              Showcase #2 Sun, June 10th @ 6:00 pm
                               (competition performers)

TICKETS:  Tickets are sold by lottery.  Cost is $16 per ticket. Ticket order envelopes will be sent home in April.  

Show #1 and Show #2 are each estimated to last approximately 90 minutes.



Countdown to 2018 Curtain Call


Come see what's happening on our Stage!

2018 Curtain Call Class Assignments

CLASS               SHOW #1    SHOW #2    SHOWCASE #1  SHOWCASE #2
                         Thurs. 6/7   Sat. 6/9       Sun. 6/10           Sun. 6/10
                         @6:30pm    @11:00am   @1:00pm           @6:00pm

Tues. Tiny Tots                             X
Thurs. Tiny Tots         X
Mon. preschool                             X
Tues. preschool                            X
Thurs. preschool        X
Sat. preschool           X
Mon. K-1 tap/jazz      X                X
Thurs. K-1 tap/jazz    X                X
K-1 hip hop               X                X
Tues. gr 2-3 tap/jazz  X                X
Weds. gr 2-3 tap/jazz X                X
Gr. 2-3 ballet/lyr        X                X
Gr. 2-3 hip hop          X                X
Tues. gr 4-6 tap/jazz  X                X
Weds. gr 4-6 tap/jazz X                X
Gr. 4-6 ballet/lyrical   X                X
Gr. 4-6 hip hop          X                X
Gr. 7-9 tap/jazz         X                X
Gr. 7-9 ballet/lyrical   X                X
Gr. 7-12 hip hop        X                X
Gr. 10-12 ballet/lyrical X              X
Intermediate pointe   X                X
MINI STARS             X +spec                               X
RISING STARS                            X +spec                                X
TWINKLING STARS   X                                         X +spec        X
SPARKLING STARS                      X                      X +spec       X
SHOOTING STARS                                               X                  X +spec
SHINING STARS                                                  X                  X +spec
STARS                                                                X                  X +spec
PETITE LINE            X +spec                                X                  X
JR LINE                                                              X +spec         X
TEEN LINE                                                          X                   X +spec
SUPER CREW           X                                         X
EXTREME CREW                                                  X                   X
UNREAL CREW                                                    X                   X
BEAST CREW                                                      X                   X
ADV. POINTE                                                      X                   X
DAD'S DANCE          X                X                       X                   X
PRODUCTION                                                     X                   X      

Annual Holiday Pageant

Plan on coming to watch our Annual Holiday Pageant  Central Middle School Auditorium.  December 2018 date to be determined.  Our Holiday Pageant is a fun, low key performance for our younger dancers from our "Tiny Tots" up through our grade 4-6 dancers.  Our families and dancers look forward to this fun and festive event.    

This year we will be selling a limited number of reserved seats on the main floor at a cost of $10 per ticket. All other tickets will cost $5 for general admission seating.  With the purchase of a $10 Reserved Seat, you are donating $5 to the 4SDC Angel Fund which assists families with dance expenses when in need.  


Countdown to 2017 Holiday Pageant