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2019 Dance Auditions follow the summer dance sessions. Please sign up for auditions in advance. The audition fee is $10. Dancers are required to attend the two week session prior including tap/jazz and ballet classes. If dancers are interested in participating in competitive hip hop, then they must take at least one summer hip hop class. 

Audition #1: July 18th, 2019
Audition #2: August 8th, 2019


August 12-14 AND August 19-21 from 4:00-8:00 pm. 

Stop in and register. If you can't make it during this time, please call or stop by the studio. 

How does the audition process work? Should I encourage my dancer to audition?
We try to make the audition process professional and at the same time fun and relaxed. We realize that many dancers become very anxious and nervous. We run auditions similar to how a class is taught. Your dancer will warm up and do some progressions across the floor. Then they will perform a short choreographed routine they learned in the previous week of summer classes and audition in a small group in front of the judges. They may be asked to show flexibility and additional skills.

We always encourage a dancer to audition. The process is a great experience and even if your dancer should not be accepted into one of our competition teams this year, it never hurts to get their feet wet. If they want a future in dance, the audition process is inevitable.

If my dancer was on competition line last year, does that mean they automatically move up?
Many dancers and parents get caught up in “moving up” at our studio. We want to be clear that just because your dancer does not move up, that is not a bad thing! Groups tend to have more success when they have danced together and have a good chemistry.

We take the selection process VERY seriously, which is why we decided to have a "New Line Intensive" for our older groups. This 3-day intensive helps us solidify any uncertainties we may have about your dancer’s placement.  4th Street Dance Centre stands firm on the placement of your dancer. There will be absolutely NO re-auditions and/or reevaluations. We would be more than happy to set up a meeting to discuss our decision if need be, but we will not reconsider our decision upon the request of the parent. In the years of owning this business we have learned there is always an extreme exception or circumstance that may arise. In which case, we will privately discuss the matter with the parent and dancer.

What if I cannot make the audition?
Please contact the Studio in advance so that we can set up an audition for you prior to the scheduled auditions. This is only reserved for those who will be on vacation. There is no advantage/disadvantage either way, judging will remain the same in the audition process/selection.

*If you are a new dancer to 4th Street Dance Centre and missed the auditions, there will be a $52 cost to set up a private time to audition. Please email or call the studio if you missed the auditions and are interested in trying out for our competition teams.